Dean DiBassie

I would like to take the time to give a huge shout-out to Bryan Carpenter and Robert Aller for their expertise and support in creating magic using this system they have modified everything so that it makes our job 10 times easier. I feel very comfortable offering my current referral partners and new ones ways to generate business the whole time I know that if some kind of assistance regardless of what it is one of them is available to support and help me. If you haven't explored looking into utilizing this system I highly encourage you to do you will not be disappointed!!!


John Richter

If you haven't taken the time to go through and learn from Bryan about Complete LO you are missing out! What they have built out in Complete LO is a game changer, especially if you run SPA like I do. I literally can get through an ad in about 5 minutes compared to working in Meta and jumping around all over the place. The time Bryan takes to help you is beyond words! So helpful in every step and truly there to help you succeed!


Walter Parker

"This system has absolutely changed my business model and how i keep in touch with my leads/clients. I consistently have 45% refresh rate. Great service! You gotta have it"


John Adkins

"The software has exceeded my expectation. I've been very happy on how it works and everything it does for me!"

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