The All-In-One Mortgage Marketing & Automation Platform That Makes Your Business More Successful

The most complete marketing & automation tool for Loan Officers

Advanced Automation & AI

The core of CompleteLO is our automation campaigns to contact mortgage leads and prospects. Stop relying on phone calls alone to create conversations because your system will be reaching out through text messages, emails and even voicemail drops to convert leads into home loan sales through our long term campaigns.

Opportunities and Sales Stages

Complete Loan Officers enjoy a simple way to see the health of their business pipeline and lead flow in an easy to understand dashboard showing your opportunities and sales pipeline. 

With CompleteLO, you can set up automated campaigns to fire off depending where leads, prospects and clients are in the mortgage process. You can build out multiple pipelines for lead generation and the client process, for example. Each pipeline stage can have its own automation to complete repetitive tasks and updates you would normally have to take time to handle yourself. 

Contact Manager

Every lead or prospect that comes into CompleteLO is stored in a Client Relationship Manager with all their information available any time you need it. You can save notes, create reminders and set tasks for you to do at a later date. 

Unlimited Calendars

Replace the standalone calendar system you use today with the built in calendars inside CompleteLO. Create calendars for lead generation, Realtor meetings, client meetings or anything else you need. The calendars sync to Google Calendar and Apple Calendar and can fire off automation when an appointment is booked. 

Advanced Analytics

Track all the important things to the inner nerd in you. Lead sources, appointments, marketing response rates and more will sit right on your CompleteLO dashboard if you ever want to geek out.

LIVE Chat Widget

Install a little box that sits in the lower right hand corner of your website to let your visitors get fast support or help with mortgage questions. Connecting in real time can improve sales conversions and allowing them to text you makes it easy.

Website & Funnel Builder

Do you need a website or landing page to collect leads or send online traffic from your social media profiles? CompleteLO includes a fully functional website builder inside. It’s all drag and drop too so you don’t need to be a techie to figure it out. 


This one is huge. Funnel builders are on the market for $50 to $300 per month by themselves. We include a complete sales funnel builder right inside your CompleteLO account so you can make anything you need with no extra fees!

Manage Your Entire Pipeline On The Mobile App!

Why Do You Need CompleteLO?

There is no platform like this in the mortgage industry that includes training and support to assist you in creating your sales machine.

  • Live Weekly Training: 90 minute live call on Wednesdays to support our members. Get your questions answered live and check out brand new features in CompleteLO

  • Video Walkthroughs: You will have access to an expansive (and growing) Help Library of video demos and walkthroughs to cover all the awesome features of CompleteLO

  • Member Facebook Group: Hop into our private Facebook group for CompleteLO Members where you can get realtime interaction from the users and support staff. Awesome spot to ask your questions and get new ideas from other CompleteLO members around what's working best for them.

  • Facebook Ad Support: Build your Lead generation ads directly inside of CompleteLO withour tested and proven templates. No more struggling with the confusing and constantly changing Facebook Ads manager now creating your Real Estate ads are easy as clicking a few buttons and following our template thats built directly into your CompleteLO Account.

  • Live Chat Support: You can chat LIVE with a tech support expert directly inside your CompleteLO Account to get real time help during business hours.

  • Robust Ticket Support System: We have 24-hour support tickets with avg response time of 2.5 hours. Even after hours, we have around the clock support available!

  • DAILY CompleteLO Kickoff Call: You are able to hop in every day as our expert team walk new users through a quick start setup and get some questions answered.

Our Pricing



Elite Plan

Our complete suite of marketing & automation tools

Revolutionize your mortgage lending journey with CompleteLO: the ultimate automation and marketing app tailored for loan officers. Seamlessly streamline your tasks, foster client relationships, and propel your lending business forward. Experience unmatched efficiency and engagement in the world of mortgage lending with CompleteLO.

  • Full Service CRM

  • Social Planner

  • Campaigns

  • Triggers

  • All Reporting

  • SMS & Email Marketing Templates

  • Trigger Links

  • Surveys

  • Forms

  • Workflows

  • Website

  • Funnels

  • Calendar

  • Pipeline Management

  • 2-Way Text and Email

  • Web Chat

  • Reputation Management

  • Facebook Messenger

  • GMB Messaging

  • GMB Call Tracking

  • Missed Call Text Back

  • Free Monthly Credits for about 10206 texts, or 8918 mins in calls, or 108791 emails

Benefits of CompleteLO

Boost Sales

You can find, nurture, and follow up on quality leads with the help of CompleteLO. This means that you don't waste time or resources on a prospect who is unlikely to convert into a client. You may manage more leads more effectively and turn them into satisfied clients in a significant amount less time when combined with a shorter sales cycle.

Efficient Business Process

Establishing and implementing effective business procedures will aid in the continued productivity of your staff. You can use CompleteLO to make sure that procedures are carried out in accordance with standards. Make sure your sales team's time is spent on closing deals and not wasted on mundane tasks by automating routine activities.

Tactical Decision-Making

Your decision-makers can respond to market changes with better decisions if they are informed by accurate data from across your organization. Your teams' performance will be broken down in-depth reports, along with areas that could want development.

Data Security and Compliance

You can relax knowing that our data centers use the best physical and electronic security measures to protect your customers' data.

Mobile Accessibility

Your team will always have access to crucial data thanks to our mobile app. Anyone out in the field can use their mobile app to access details on local clients, stop by for a meeting, and quickly update the rest of the team on any new information.

Customer Satisfaction

CompleteLO provides your team with access to a customer's whole historical data as well as details on related problems others have encountered. Your staff can respond to consumer questions swiftly thanks to a centralized information repository, guaranteeing their satisfaction.

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